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Welded Wire Mesh
Fence Netting

Wire Mesh Grating

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Brass Wire Mesh
Windows Screening

Black Wire Cloth

Expanded Wire MeshHexagonal Wire Mesh

Square Wire Mesh
Filter Disc Filter Element

Other Products

Galvanized Wire

Cut Wire

Barbed WireStainless Steel WireStainless Steel YarnBrass WireMetal Fabric  Razor Barbed Wire

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Services & Products we offer:
Honglin offers following products and services for our customers:

Welded wire mesh and fencing netting products: Welded wire mesh, fencing netting and wire mesh grating;

Galvanized iron wire and barbed wire products;

Stainless steel woven wire mesh, brass woven wire mesh, black iron woven wire cloth and galvanized square woven wire mesh products;

Expanded metal, window screening and other metal wire products.